Goa is one of the most crowded tourist places in India. This small state is popular for its vibrant and opulent beaches; here in this party capital of India, visitors can explore many things. The second most popular reason to investigate Goa is the numerous

water sports, including scuba diving, rafting, and many more. 

If you are planning to visit Goa and searching for the best places to visit in north Goa, then your search ends here. In this blog, we will explore some of the best-hidden places to visit in north Goa. By this, you can plan your trip accordingly, and it will also help you to choose the best place to stay in Goa. To finalize your stay, you can also refer to this blog: Best Hostels In Goa For Your Budgeted Beach Holiday.

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Best Hidden Places to Explore in North Goa

1. Arambol: Known for its name-brand beach, which is well-liked by backpackers and artistic tourists, vibrant Arambol serves as a center for the study of yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies. Bright beach shacks provide seafood, Goan food, and Western meals. Many also function as bars with live music in the evenings. There are many hostels in Goa, and unpretentious stores offering apparel and trinkets fill the alleyways in the interior.

2. Harvalem Falls: Discovering Goa's unspoiled beauty is exciting and interesting. And a good example of it is Harvalem Falls. You will never get tired of seeing the milky white water flow and fall on the verdant slopes. This waterfall dropped from around 50 meters above ground, tucked deep in a lush forest. It is recognized as one of Goa's stunning waterfalls, albeit it is still unexplored. This hidden place in Goa is ideal for your trip whether you're seeking a spot to have a picnic, absolutely quiet, or want to spend some time in nature. This waterfall has an ancient feel to it, along with serene, picturesque, natural vistas.

3. Island of Pequeno: The two finest things you can do on Pequeno Island are make memories and explore tranquility. It is a hidden gem in North Goa that is also known as Bat Island and is just a few kilometers from Baina Beach. This rocky beach offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy relaxation, the outdoors, and tranquility. Your quest to experience seclusion at uninhabited locations will be fulfilled here. Along with fulfilling your wishes, spending time with your friends over a campfire may help you make some priceless memories. If excitement is what you're after, you must engage in water sports on this island and investigate Goa's underwater ecosystem.

4. Plantations Savoi: Goa's natural beauty extends beyond just its beaches and aquatic activities. In actuality, Goa offers a vast variety of tourist attractions that showcase the state's hidden gems. Savoi Spice Plantations, one of the biggest and oldest tropical spice plantations in Goa, is well situated in that regard. It is a 40-hectare organic farm in Goa, located around 15 km from Ponda. Savoi Plantation is a lovely property that depicts the undeveloped countryside of Goa. It makes sense that this tourist destination was included in our list of secret locations in Goa. This plantation is well-known for offering intercrop plantation tours. At its Sadauli Restaurant, you may also enjoy the delectable Goan Saraswat Buffet.

5. Cambarjua Canal: Consider that Goa offers more than just beaches, water sports, forts, and late-night celebrations. And Cambarjua Canal is the perfect hotspot if you want to indulge your desire for adventure while looking for secret locations in North Goa. In the backwaters of the Cambarjua Canal, you may take part in crocodile safaris and birding excursions. You want to keep the pleasure and surprise of this voyage forever in your heart. You feel a strong adrenaline rise in your body as you take in the picture-perfect environment and unmatched thrill. From the Zuari River, a tour to the Cambarjua Canal begins with a ferry ride that gives an amazing experience.

Where to live in North Goa?

There are many places to stay in Goa, but if you are planning a budget-friendly trip to Goa, then try to book your stay at any beachfront hostel in north Goa. To find other places to stay in Goa, you can also read this blog: Best Hostels In North Goa For Your Budgeted Beach Holiday. If I refer to one place, then Anjoned Hostel & Cafe in Goa near Anjuna Beach is one of the finest places to spend vacations. Here, you will get all the luxurious amenities, and the location of this hostel is easily accessible.